CAESES for Product Design Optimization

CAESES is the industry standard for the simulation-driven design of complex freeform surfaces. When designing components or products featuring performance critical shapes, such as turbo-machinery blades, ship hulls, or engine components, CAESES is the ideal modeling, integration and automation framework for maximizing analysis throughput. CAESES is an “Upfront CAE” system that empowers engineers to achieve product designs that have the very best in class performance. CAESES breaks the rules of traditional product development and unleashes design innovation. CAESES is widely used in the fields of Turbomachinery, Automotive, Aerospace, Marine, Energy and Offshore.

A few custom templates are now available for CAESES, wherein simple sliders and buttons can be used to control your model, export geometry or even run full optimizations. One can find these ready-to-use templates for some standard models in CAESES at the following link:

CAESES can also be coupled to a number of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) codes and thereby providing complete automation in the design process. IT also serves as a Graphical User Interface for any CFD code including 3D post-processing.


SimFWD are value-added CAE resellers of CAESES in Greece and the Balkans. SimFWD provides high quality R&D Engineering Services in the field of Shipbuilding and have created an identity for themselves as reliable and technology oriented FEM consultants in the local and international market.

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