CAE Resellers in Greece

SimFWD is a research, development and application company, providing engineering services in the transport and construction industries. The company focuses on computer aided engineering technologies such as FEM, CFD and Agent Based Modelling. SimFWD can provide turnkey solutions to complicated generic problems in a cost effective manner, eliminating the overheads normally associated with a dedicated R&D engineering analysis group or department.shipdesignOver the last few years, SimFWD Engineering Services in Greece has developed strategic partnerships with software vendors like MIDAS IT, NUMECA, FRIENSHIP SYSTEMS, etc and are official CAE resellers of the mentioned softwares in Greece. SimFWD aims to provide software solutions complemented with customized engineering services to customers in Greece. SimFWD has also developed their own workflow with the help of these tools for projects in the field of Shipbuilding, which provides an efficient and streamlined approach.

By means of free webinars and mail campaigns, they have created awareness among the potential users in Greece regarding the benefits of using such softwares and have created an identity for themselves as reliable and technology oriented FEM consultants in the local market.

For more Information about Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) tools offered by SimFWD, please visit http://www.simfwd.com


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