Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Simulations using FINE™/Marine in the Cloud

SimFWD focuses on Computer Aided Engineering technologies such as CFD and FEM applied to Ship Design. SimFWD uses FINE™/Marine as the in-house Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tool for resistance calculation and trim optimization. A couple of case studies have been carried out in co-operation with NUMECA International, UberCloud and CPU 24/7 to demonstrate the pay-per-use cloud solution which provides quick and affordable access to a truly reliable simulation platform for FINE/Marine enabling engineers to create smooth workflows for complex hydrodynamic computations.

• Cloud Case Study in co-operation with UberCloud & NUMECA: Investigation of Ropax Ferry Performance

• Cloud Case Study in co-operation with CCTO, UberCloud & NUMECA

For other general purpose CFD applications, midasNFX is used. midas NFX CFD is FEA flow simulation analysis software with a wide spectrum of capabilities, specifically catered to mechanical engineers.shipdesignIt features a modern and responsive graphical interface with a wide range of capabilities to investigate internal and external flows around a product, thermal coupled fluid flows to simulate natural and forced cooling for electronic devices, mesh deformation to investigate rotating equipment, free surface analysis to tackle open air CFD problems and advection of chemical species to analyze CFD mixing problems.

SimFWD is the official reseller of midasNFX and NUMECA FINE™/Marine in Greece.

For more Information on Computational Fluid Dynamics Services offered by SimFWD, please visit


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